The Butt Memorial Bridge is in memory of Augusta native Archibald Butt, who was military aide and close friend to presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. But Archie Butt was in the wrong place on April 15, 1912 when the ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg and sank with great loss of life. Reports of his gallant service and heroic death in the disaster inspired the lion and eagle decorations. The 'Save Our Butt' publicity campaign rescued the bridge from demolition in 1995.

Major Archibald Butt

On July 29, 1902, Dennis Cahill was repairing the floor of the earlier wooden bridge here. Nine year old Dallas Kitchens wandered onto the bridge and fell into the canal through a hole in the floor. Cahill instantly dove in to her aid, but despite being a strong swimmer, sank with her out of sight. The river stone monument across the canal is to Cahill's heroism.